• Smoke + Mirrors

    In a wildly misguided attempt to protect corporate interests, a company called Shire City recently trademarked the traditional remedy Fire Cider, which in no way belonged to them. Trademarking fire cider is truly as ludicrous as attempting

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  • Chia Face Mask

    This uniquely moistening mask will breathe life back into your skin. Masters of conservation that they are, desert plants have a supernatural ability to restore suppleness to even the more tired of tissue. In the

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  • Blush

    This is one white wine that’s sure to make you blush. Just a few sips will get your blood flowing and inspire amorous sensations throughout your body. Don’t fret if you don’t have all the

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  • Blood-Building Syrup

    The blood is a living river of nourishment upon which all organs and systems of the body depend. While the health of our blood is not something modern peoples give much thought to, it is foundational to our vitality and longevity. Replenishing the minerals in the blood on a regular basis is a recipe for good health—particularly for folks who menstruate. We nourish the blood by eating mineral-rich foods, getting plenty of aerobic exercise, and consuming blood-building herbs.

    Nutritive herbal syrups are a staple in my home apothecary. Molasses is my sweetener of choice, as it contains iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and B6 which all need to be consumed regularly for optimal health.

    This syrup is one I always take with me when I travel and recommend to anyone who is experiencing increased stress or a period of transition. It tastes delicious, is easy to prepare, and lasts for months in the fridge. I recommend making the full recipe and giving a bottle or two away to your favorite friends who could use a boost!

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  • Sun Tea

    Sun Tea is probably the simplest herbal preparations you will ever make, and also quite possibly the most wonderful!  In the Summer, this wholesome preparation becomes a integral part of my daily rhythm and an

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  • Evening Primrose

    Primroses are just about my favorite thing when it comes to Springtime because along with the more obvious beauty of their blossoms, they also hold within them treasures of incredible healing. While many folks are

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