Awakening Pleasure

It is often the case that our deepest desires and most furtive longings remain secret even from ourselves.  Pleasure is personal and too many of us have not taken the time to adequately acquaint ourselves with what it means and looks like for us. But unless we are clear about what it is we wish to experience, our lives are likely to pass us by, lacking the specific sweetness of the unique expression of pleasure we crave.

Above all else, pleasure is healing.  It softens our nervous systems, balances our hormones, and improves our sleep.  It encourages the formation of new neural pathways in the brain and even makes us more productive in our daily lives.

Expressions of pleasures are endlessly varied.  Perhaps for you, turning off your phone and curling up with a good book at the end of the day is what brings the deepest sense of satisfaction to your soul. Or maybe is something more daring, like inviting your lover to join you in a new and thrilling experience that you’ve always ached to know, but could never find the words to ask for.  Perhaps pleasure simply looks like walking barefoot upon the Earth’s surface after a gentle rain, soaking in the softness of her fertile soil, and drinking deep the scent of petrichor and moss. Maybe you want all these things, and more.

This bath a simple spell to awaken that which lies dormant within you.  It is an invitation to your psyche and soul to bring to consciousness all of the untold pleasures that you’ve yet to savor fully.  This simple ritual can be enjoyed alone or with someone you love.  It can be modified, endlessly, to suit whatever it is you have on hand.  May it awaken within you, a pleasure so deep, that through you, the world is healed.

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