I live outside of the US and I’m wondering if Garden Party will still feel relevant to me.  Will I be able to apply the information to where I live and the plants that grow near me?

Absolutely!  We have members all over the globe and regularly receive feedback that the information shared is easily applied no matter where you live.  While at times we may cover specific plants that do not grow in your bioregion, the lens Garden Party provides for connecting with plants and place can be experienced and actualized no matter where you live!


When and where is the next Garden Party?

In order to keep our gatherings intimate, we only share specific details with our members.  If you’re a already member, find out about upcoming gatherings here.  If you’re not yet a member, take a peek at past gatherings here!


How can I reset my password?
You can reset your password here.


How can I update my billing information?
You may update your account and billing information here.


Will my subscription automatically renew?
Yes, all subscriptions renew on the date that they were purchased–either monthly or annually.


When does my billing cycle start?

Your billing cycle begins on the same day of the month or year you subscribed (depending on if you have a monthly or annual membership).


Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.  You are welcome to cancel your subscription here at any time before your next billing cycle.  However, once your subscription has auto-renewed we cannot offer you a refund.


I would like to unsubscribe at this time, where can I do that?

You can unsubscribe here at any time.  Please note that once you unsubscribe you will no longer have access to past missives.


I unsubscribed from the email I received. Will this cancel my membership?

No.  Unsubscribing from our emails will only update your email delivery preferences.  All subscriptions must be cancelled on our website here.


If I cancel my subscription will I still have access to past missives?

When you cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to members-only content on Garden Party.


I have a suggestion about how Garden Party could be improved.  How can I share it with you?
We wholeheartedly welcome suggestions about how to improve Garden Party.  Send us an email at GardenPartyLove@gmail.com with the subject line SUGGESTION and we will look forward to hearing your thoughts.


How does Garden Party give back? What organizations does it support?

True reciprocity sits at the center of all that we do, because healing is not just personal, it is political and also planetary. We donate a percentage of all revenue to BIPOC-led organizations and groups doing work at the intersection of social and environmental justice. When you subscribe to Garden Party, you’re making a valuable contribution to a culture of mutual flourishing and respectful reciprocity. A portion of all Garden Party proceeds are donated to the following organizations: The Indigenous Environmental Network, Southern Poverty Law Center, Herbalista Free Clinic, United Plant Savers, Native Seeds, RAICES, and many others.


Have a question that we didn’t answer above?

Drop us a line at GardenPartyLove@gmail.com

with subject line QUESTION and we will respond shortly.