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Sophia Rose

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Hi there, I’m Sophia Rose. I’m an herbalist, author, and small business owner. I’ve spent the last decade supporting people on their healing journeys, making plant medicine, and guiding students who want to connect more deeply with the natural world.

When I first set out to learn about plant medicine, I was eager to know which herbs to use for which illness. I wanted to understand how to make tinctures, teas, and salves. I imagined myself tending verdant gardens and gathering wild plants in the mountains outside my home. I learned all of this, and so much more. But what really surprised me was just how much more the plants wanted to reveal to me.

A simple desire to learn about using herbs
for physical healing quickly turned into 
​a life-long journey of self discovery…

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After graduating from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, I founded La Abeja Herbs. I started out selling bottles of Rose Petal Elixir outside of a biker bar on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Wisconsin, peddling healing salves at high desert farmers’ markets, and offering aphrodisiac elixirs at all-night queer dance parties – but those are stories for another time. Years later La Abeja Herbs is a thriving herbal business, now based in my hometown of Austin, Texas. We serve loyal customers, students, and clients from around the world.

I believe that we all have the innate ability to connect directly with plants and with the natural world, and that even more than taking any tea or tincture, this relationship is the most potent source of healing available. It’s just that many of us have forgotten how to access it. Garden Party offers an invitation to remember.

Real medicine is sensual, embodied, and emerges naturally when we are in relationship with the world around us. ​This is what I want to share with you through Garden Party – this undeniable sense of belonging to and being intimate with the wild, both within and without. Because this is what I believe will heal our world.

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