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Garden Party is a digital library of old-world wisdom for thriving in modern times.

It was created for people like you who know in their hearts that healing is possiblefor people, plants, places, and the planet as a whole.




Remembering The Old Ways

Remembering The Old Ways

At one time, all of our ancestors had intimate knowledge of plant medicine — it was simply a part of their daily lives. Today this precious knowledge has largely been lost due to the oppressive forces of settler-colonialism. We must we each do our part to repair and restore this sacred knowledge, so essential to both our basic humanity and our continued survival as a species. Garden Party provides resources for guiding you back into a reciprocal relationship with the living world in a way that is healing not only for us as humans, but for the planet as a whole.

Open Yourself

Garden Party is an invitation to open
yourself to the medicine of the moment.

What is Garden Party

What is Garden Party?

Garden Party is a tool for reawakening your innate connection to the Earth. Our Library is home to an extensive collection of resources meant to be used as both a reference and an in-depth self-guided course. You’ll quickly find that it’s a space overflowing with offerings that will keep you engaged for anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the pace at which you choose to move. Inspiring new resources are continually added, and you’ll receive an email letting you know when they become available! By taking a few moments out of your day to receive each offering, you’ll find yourself beginning to soften, relax, and open effortlessly to the medicine of the moment.

missive offers

Our Library is a deep source of nourishment,
available whenever you need a reminder of all
that is good and wild—within and without.

Who Is Garden Party For

Who Is Garden Party For?

Garden Party is an offering for anyone longing to experience a deeper connection with themselves and with the Earth. It is for folks who want to learn more about how to engage with the natural world in a way that is fun, accessible, and grounded in the small rituals of daily life. For nature lovers, as well as budding and seasoned herbalists, Garden Party offers tools and inspiration for connecting with people, plants, and places in a way that is radical, real, and profoundly transformative.


What Do Members Receive?


As a member, you’ll receive instant access to our complete resource Library, filled with recipes, formulas, films, herbal how-to’s, plant profiles, and so much more! Easy to navigate and fun to explore, you can search our features by season, view all plants by Latin or common name, and we’ve even included a built-in glossary to help you quickly pick up new herbal terms as you go.

Members also receive timely and in-depth responses to any questions that arise along the way. Getting answers is as easy as posting a comment. We are here to support you on your journey!

How Much Does Garden Party Cost

How Much Does Garden Party Cost?

$33 monthly   //   $333 annually

All subscriptions renew automatically and can easily be canceled at any time.
​You will have access ​to our complete Library ​for as long as you are subscribed.


R E C I P R O C I T Y​

True reciprocity sits at the center of all that we do because healing is not just personalit is political and also planetary. We donate a percentage of all revenue to BIPOC-led organizations and groups doing work at the intersection of social and environmental justice. When you subscribe to Garden Party, you’re making a valuable contribution to a culture of mutual flourishing and respectful reciprocity. A portion of all Garden Party proceeds are donated to the following organizations, along with many others.

T h e    I n d i g e n o u s    E n v i r o n m e n t a l    N e t w o r k

H e r b a l i s t a     F r e e     C l i n i c

U n i t e d    P l a n t    S a v e r s

N a t i v e     S e e d s


What People Are Saying


     Through Garden Party, you’ll gain:     

  • ​A heightened awareness of your own intuitive knowing
  • A feeling of intimacy with the place where you live
  • A sense of kinship with the more-than-human world
  • The confidence to bring plant medicine into your daily life
  • The ability to tend land and walk gently upon the Earth
  • ​Greater feelings of resilience in the face of personal and planetary challenge
  • And a deep belief that healing is possible in both your own life and in the world


Discover the Medicine that lives within you.