Full Moon Tea


The Moon reveals what the Sun never could.


The Moon shows us what is hidden, and the darker it gets, the brighter she glows. In a time when the truth can be hard to determine, it is increasingly vital that we develop discernment and strengthen our intuition. The presence of the Moon guided our ancestors and shaped us a species. While much of the night sky is obscured by the light of modern humans, the Moon remains bright and brilliant as ever, shining upon the world as she always has and always will.

The Moon keeps time perfectly. She reflects us back to ourselves and shows us what we know but don't allow ourselves to acknowledge. With her rhythms, she dictates the ebb and flow of our lives. And although she is changing, she is constant. In moments of uncertainty, we can look to her for guidance, comfort, and a reminder that all things move in cycles.

This sweet, earthy, and nourishing blend of roots, leaves, and blossoms is a powerful ally for strengthening your relationship to the Moon's many gifts. Its taste is incredibly soothing. A single sip calms the heart and relieves mental tension almost immediately. Enjoyed regularly, this formula heightens intuition, increases resilience, and supports the natural rhythms of your body as it waxes and wanes throughout the month. Formulated with herbs to support the generative organs, strengthen the endocrine function, and ease menstrual cramping, this tea will make you feel as radiant as the Moon.

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