Spiral Path

Taken at the first sign of illness, this potent blend of immune-nourishing herbs helps to ward off colds + flus. If already in the midst of illness, it will help to lessen discomfort and duration of symptoms. Combine with ample rest, sufficient vitamin D intake, and most of all–compassion for yourself and your process. Just as a caterpillar must immerse itself in a world of darkness before emerging a radiant butterfly, so too, we as humans emerge from sickness with greater vitality and resilience than ever before. Enjoy one teaspoon alone or dissolved in warm water up to four times daily.

 Spiral Path Herbal Honey is the first thing I reach for when I’m feeling under the weather. This is a formula that came to me while I was in herb school many years ago. During that time in my life, I often felt run-down and would frequently reach for Yin Chiao, a traditional Chinese immune support formula.  After some consideration, I realized that though I could not replicate the formula, I could create something approximate using plants I knew intimately and lived near.

I identified the two chief herbs in the formula – honeysuckle and forsythia – and then considered what other local herbs could compliment their actions.  The formula that emerged was more effective than I could have anticipated and it eventually became a staple in my apothecary.  For best results, use local honey and herbs grown and gathered close to home.  Feel free to play with the formula, as I did, to reflect the medicines that will best suit your specific needs and bioregion.

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