Creosote, Chaparral, Larrea tridentata. No matter what name you call her by, this resilient medicinal shrub is a true steward of the Desert. Her range extends from West Texas through New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, all the way to Southern California and into Mexico. As you drive down the lonely desert highway, it is the ancient and thrumming presence of Chaparral which calls forth the precious solitude and stark beauty that only the desert can offer. Her resinous leaves hold the scent and memory of countless soaking rains and bone dry seasons of sun. Their strange, lovely, and distinctive aroma is reminiscent of petrichor and gathering clouds; of a landscape ready to drink deep of the sky. Just a trace of her scent, will transport you to the desert of your dreams, the inner arid regions of your Being; to a place of subtle awakening, and heightened psychic awareness.

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