Mineral Alchemy

I've made a bold decision. I'm going to discontinue many of the most popular medicines I have been making and selling for years through La Abeja Herbs. I'll be honest. I'm doing this, in part, to simplify my own life. But more than that, I'm doing it in hopes that it will inspire you to make these remedies at home for yourself and your loved ones.

My ultimate goal as an herbalist and educator is to empower you; because you are capable of creating life-changing medicines. Additionally, when we work with the plants directly, we begin to see them at relatives rather than resources. This shift in thinking is vital for the kind of future I know we all long to see.

The majority of the formulas I rely on in both my daily life and clinical practice are simple, accessible, and easy to prepare. Each one has stood the test of time, and brought excellent results for individuals and families around the world. I've been asked for share this particular formula by more folks than I can count. The positive feedback I've received about it over the years is astonishing.



M I N E R A L    A L C H E M Y

d a i l y    b o t a n i c a l    n o u r i s h m e n t


Food is not what it once was. Soil is not what it once was. Because of modern farming practices, the natural cycle of minerals through the soil and into our food has been disrupted. As a result, these depleted soils no longer impart the same mineral content to the foods grown in them.


What does this mean for us

as humans consuming these vegetables,

nutritional ghosts of their former selves? 


Unfortunately, no matter how many leafy greens we eat, organic or not, unless they are being grown in lovingly tended soil with an intact nutrient cycle, we are not getting the mineral nutrition that our body needs and expects from them.

Longterm mineral deficiency can lead to impaired cognitive function, depleted adrenals, mental fog, muscle fatigue and cramping, restless legs, anxiety, depression, tinnitus and countless other symptoms increasingly prevalent in the modern world.

Today, many folks are quick to reach for fast-acting adaptogens or stimulants. When paired with broader shifts in lifestyle and increased attention to self-care, these are valuable allies. However, when used on their own or not matched appropriately to one’s constitution, these potent herbs will often further injure an already depleted system. Additionally, many so-called superfoods and adaptogens are being over-harvested in the name of short-term profit.

Mineral Alchemy is our answer to the widespread deficiencies that we’ve observed in ourselves, our friends, our clients, and our community. Made with sustainably cultivated organic herbs, and nutrient-dense plants which grow abundantly in the wild, Mineral Alchemy is not just good for you, it’s also good for the planet.

Taken regularly, this powerful and safe herbal formula works to deeply nourish all systems of the body, building your health from the inside out and creating a solid foundation for you to flourish naturally.

The broad-spectrum improvements people have reported from working with this formula, make me so excited to offer it to you now. I hope that you will be similarly amazed and positively impacted by the healing power of botanically-sourced minerals in the easy-to-use formula which follows.

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