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In a wildly misguided attempt to protect corporate interests, a company called Shire City recently trademarked the traditional remedy Fire Cider, which in no way belonged to them. Trademarking fire cider is truly as ludicrous as attempting to trademark something as universal as tea. Despite this fact, the company spent years suing herbalists merely for calling the preparation by its rightful name. Following a lengthy legal battle, the courts ruled against the company and in favor of the herbal community. The name Fire Cider is once again free to be used by all.


Herbal preparations are not

proprietary goods— they are

our collective inheritance.


Herbalism belongs to everyone and no one. While there are certain herbs, practices, and preparations specific to different lineages, the intimate connection shared by plants and people cannot and should not be commodified. Fire cider is a traditional remedy for immune support, It is warming, stimulating, and nourishingnot to mention delicious! It is a simple yet effective ally for maintaining vigor and vitality year-round.

The formula which follows is my favorite iteration of this herbal classic, which has as many variations as there folks making it. However, this one is so good it's worth sharing! Made with smokey chipotle peppers and a perfectly balanced mix of aromatic and antioxidant-rich herbs, its flavor is deep and earthy, complex yet piquant.


Like most folk remedies, Fire Cider

is endlessly adaptable and can be made

easily and inexpensively at home.


Consider all ingredients listed below as suggestions and feel free to include your most beloved warming and aromatic plant allies in the mix. I also encourage you to name your potion! While Fire Cider certainly has a nice ring to it, I wonder what your ancestors or mine might have called such a preparation. Research the language of your lineage to connect with words that hold healing power. If you find ones that resonate, include them and toast your ancestors with every sip!

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