Pelvic Steaming


Pelvic steaming is a simple yet profound

ritual that can easily be enjoyed at home.


It is a practice that fortifies us not just physically, but spiritually and creatively. In my own life, pelvic steaming has grounded me in an internal sense of power and helped me enter states of deep healing and visionary awareness. The heightened clarity brought about by this practice has awakened something ancient, oracular, and innate within my own being.

While not widely practiced, pelvic steaming holds the power to transform our relationship with ourselves into one of profound care and tenderness. As you sit poised above the rising steam, the aromatic scent of plants fills your awareness, and something ancient begins to awaken within you. You slip with ease into a dreamlike state, and time falls away. Steam greets bare skin and tender tissue, and your nervous system relaxes instantly. You are safe here, held within the wisdom of your own womb.

Steaming is a safe, soothing, and sensual practice that we can enjoy at home with things we likely already have on hand. Through it, we can access healing, pleasure, and the many gifts of introspection. Steaming increases the flow of blood to the pelvis, and restores moisture, vitality, and integrity to the tissues. The pleasant heat from the rising steam opens the pores so that the medicinal properties of the herbs are delivered directly to the tissue.

Regular steaming can bring relief to menstrual cramps, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, uterine prolapse, incontinence, bacterial vaginosis, and other conditions. It can also increase sensation during lovemaking, help to heal trauma held in the body, and powerfully strengthen our connection to our instincts and intuition.


Read on to learn about the best herbs for steaming, along with simple instructions for enjoying the practice safely at home, and a DIY recipe for my all-time favorite herbal blend.


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