January 2019


This is a time of significant and tremendous growth. Like the moment when an aria finally reaches its peak, we are light as air, if only for an instant, and looking down at the whole of our lives through wider eyes than ever before.

After the recent lunar eclipse, many folks felt as though some long-forgotten part of themselves was unearthed and reawakened.  The trials of seasons past seemed suddenly to make sense as we crossed the threshold of darkness and entered a new chapter of illumination. The lessons we have been working hard to learn for so long are just now beginning to crystallize, and brilliant new ways of being are emerging like the first leaves of spring.  You can trust unfurling; you can lean into it with your full weight, and feel the solidity and support that is being offered now.

This might be subtle or undeniable.  It might feel liberating or heavy.  To make the most of this moment, take time to notice any ways in which you are beginning to understand the necessity of all you’ve experienced over the last nine months or so.  For we do not experience challenges without also receiving the gifts of those challenges. However, we often have to slow down and look closely to discover what they are.

We do not experience challenges without
also receiving their gifts, eventually.

This is when the real work begins. The gentle work of practicing self-compassion and kindness turned inward.  The brave work of showing up every day to who you are and why you’re here.  This is a moment to step back into the center of your own life. It is a time to let desire be your guide.

This is a moment to step back into the center of
your own life. It is a time to let desire be your guide.

To varying degrees, we all have been culturally conditioned to reject our desires.  Even if you have actively worked to create a life that embraces desire, you may still find traces of these widely-held beliefs within your psyche at times. But desire is holy, deep, and divine. It reveals us to ourselves.

Another word for desire might be intuition or instinct.  No matter what name you give to this unerring inner-compass, following it will always guide you in the direction of your soul’s deepest healing. Conversely, when we resist desire, our lives grow small and reflect less and less of our true nature.

Denying desire can take many forms. It is so widely culturally accepted (and even celebrated) that we may not even identify it as such. Denying desire looks like taking a promotion that requires you to spend longer hours at the office, when what you really want is more time at home with your family.  It looks like suffering through yet another meal of dense and tasteless spelt bread when what would really delight you is to slowly savor a generously buttered and perfectly toasted baguette.

When we nurture desire, we flourish naturally. Why then
do we deny ourselves these small and wholesome pleasures?

When we nurture desire, we flourish naturally. We are happier, healthier, and more effective and efficient in our work. Why then do we deny ourselves these small and wholesome pleasures? We all have different reasons at different times.  Perhaps we judge our desires as frivolous, or we’re plagued by feelings of unworthiness that keep us hustling. Maybe we’re just tired or in a rush.

When we make the choice to consciously prioritize and delight in our desires, our lives begin to transform. The offerings below are intended to nurture your sense of innate curiosity, feed the glowing spark of your vitality, and support you as you continue to discover the dreams longing to be lived through you. Join me this month by bravely inviting desire to be your guide. For what feeds you, also feeds the world.


With Love + Wild Desire,

Sophia Rose