Welcoming The New Year

The future is unwritten, and it is our sacred responsibility to be clear about what we want that future to look like—for ourselves and for the world. What we write becomes real.  As our words materialize on the page, they take on substance, meaning, and a pulse of their own. Writing is an act of creation, an act of defiance; it is an affirmation of belief in the value and validity of our own experiences.

Words hold power.  When we take the time to clarify our desires and call upon the courage to express them in writing, they take root deep in our psyches and begin to ripple outward.  They weave themselves into the fabric of the world and become a new chapter in the collective tale we are telling.

Below you’ll find a fun and simple written ritual to invite your dreams to come alive in the New Year and beyond.  All you will need is a pen, a journal, and some quiet time to write and reflect.

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