Time: An Ancient Perspective

“It is not more time that we need,
it is more timelessness that we need.”

–  Michael Meade –

The Greeks described two distinctly different ways of perceiving time: Kairos and Chronos, from which we get the word chronological.  Kairos refers to the cyclical turning of the seasons and days, the way time has the ability to expand or contract based on our mental and emotional state.  It is time as experienced from within—through the perception of the body.

The only way to create more time is to slow down.

Conversely, Chronos refers to time as it is can be measured and recorded, bought and sold: in months and years, hours and days.  Chronos is a useful tool, but an oppressive master. Today we live compulsively and almost exclusively within the framework of chronos, having nearly forgotten that there is another way to exist—one that is that is far more gracious, and makes space for our internal rhythms.

 I invite you to join me in bravely and consciously 

exploring the landscape of the eternal Now...

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