Herbs For Lovemaking

Let’s Talk About Sex

Love and sexuality are the ultimate affirmation of life. They defy time and space in their ability to transform a single moment into a blissful eternity. When we surrender to Eros our entire physiology shifts dramatically: our pulse quickens, our mood shifts, and our body is flooded with pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters.

Sex can be positively mind altering. It is a vehicle for healing our deepest wounds and expanding not only our sense of self, but our perception of the universe as a whole. It shows us that the cosmos exists both within, and around us. At its core, sex is an act of magic and creation.

While I’m sure that you’re aware intimate union has the potential to create a child, it is a lesser-known fact that is also a powerful space of liminality which lends itself to the birth of a multitude of other things as well.  Sex and orgasm catalyze us into a space of limitless possibility, where what we choose to focus on and call in, during the act of lovemaking draws closer and closer to actualization.  If this all sounds esoteric—don’t worry it’s not.  If it piques your interest, you’ll want to be sure to read the Sex Magic section at the end of this post.

When lovemaking becomes a sacred practice its potential for healing and transforming our lives and the world is awesome, in the truest sense of the word. Don’t worry—I’m not going to suggest you attempt to replicate seemingly impossible lovemaking poses from the Kama Sutra or open your relationship to include more than one other person (although if you are waiting for a gentle hint from the universe that its okay to do either of those things, feel free to take this as a sign!).

Making sex sacred need not complex. It is as simple as bringing presence, humility, and love to each kiss and caress. It is also a practice, like anything else in life. If you approach each interaction with a curious heart and open mind, treating your lover as though they are new to you each time, the depth of connection that will reveal itself, is truly limitless.

Below are a few of my favorite allies for cultivating and calling upon eros. Many you may recognize as traditional aphrodisiacs while others may cause you to broaden your definition of the term. They can be used to cultivate your creative energy and sense of the erotic even if you have no intention of making love to anyone but yourself. Approach each one as you would a lover: with an open heart and mind, and a wild imagination about what sweet fruits your union might bear…

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