What To Eat In Springtime

Springtime is positively intoxicating; her procession of flowers endless. The momentum which propels life forward in Spring never fails to astonish me. Early Spring is also my favorite time to gather wild foods. The herbs which thrive in these first moments of warmth are perfect for invigorating the body, sharpening the mind, and strengthening overall immunity. When we eat with the seasons, food naturally becomes our medicine. Because the plants are experiencing the same shifts as we are, they produce the exact compounds needed to thrive in our environment.

Including a healthy dose of wild foods in my springtime meals never fails to make me feel like my best self. It's also incredibly empowering to realize that so many familiar flowers and common weeds can nourish and sustain us. To help you make the most of the season's bounty, I've written a guide to foraging for springtime staples. Read on to find tips for identification, guidelines for respectful harvesting, and unique recipes that are sure to become part of your yearly rhythm.

In this time of riotous green nourishment, I hope

you will join me in drinking deep the gifts of the wild.


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