What To Eat In Springtime

All around me, flowers are blooming — hundreds of new ones each day. And though the darkened Texas skies promise a rain for which I eagerly wait, the butterflies and song birds, the humming honeybees and lizards seem to take little notice, and carry on joyously welcoming the Season and the Sun. The fast procession of Spring blossoms is dizzying — Acacia and Loquats, Anemones and Redbuds, Violets, Primroses, Bluebonnets and Black Eyed Susans; Irises, Pear Trees, and snow white Yarrow. The flowers of this Season are too many to name. There is just no stopping the momentum which propels all of life forward come March in Central Texas.

Spring is the most opportune time to gather wild edibles and brew daily teas from the herbs growing just beyond your door. The plants which thrive in Springtime have an astounding ability to reawaken the body and sharpen the mind, to drive out stagnation and create vitality in preparation for the coming Season of fullness. It is a time of riotous green nourishment, and we hope you will join us in drinking deep, all that Spring has to offer. To help you make the most of the Season, we’ve brought together a verdant introduction to our favorite Seasonal wild foods.

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