Pleasure Medicine

What is it that brings you pleasure?  What is it that makes you grin unselfconsciously, ear to ear, not caring who sees? What is it that makes you feel completely free, totally at home, fully yourself? Whatever it is, do more of it.

Make time. Make space. Make it happen.

I promise, the results will be magical.


Prioritizing our own pleasure in a world which discourages us from doing so is a truly radical act.  Because pleasure is not frivolous. It is the foundation of our vitality, of our very aliveness. Do not underestimate the power of pleasure to heal and to awaken. Because nothing is linear. And maybe, just maybe, it is pleasure and not suffering which will make you stronger, more efficient, more powerful, and most importantly, more yourself. I think it’s quite possible and in fact, quite likely…

The following formulae and accompanying simple ritual will help you to clarify some of your subconscious beliefs around pleasure so that you can cultivate more of it in your life.  Those who experience ample pleasure in their lives don’t do so by accident but by taking the time to understand what pleasure means to them and then making it a priority.

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