Rachel Blodgett

The first time I saw Rachel's work in 2013 I knew it was something special. It all started with me admiring the butt of Allyson, who happened to be a mutual friend. Allow me to explain. Rachel is a maker of fine indigo undergarments. Allyson happened to be one of her early models and someone I am inspired by to this day. I found Rachel's work through Allyson's Instagram and contacted her to express my admiration--Of her work, not Allyson's butt. (Though this appreciation persists as well.)

Through our correspondence and exploration of one another's creations, Rachel and I felt an immediate kinship and exchanged lovingly crafted packages--mine filled with flower essences and plant medicine, hers with hand-dyed panties depicting the phases of the Moon and the constellation of Pleiades, at my request.

Since that time, we've gone on to collaborate on a line of Talismans, shared many sweet visits at Rachel's home in Santa Rosa, CA, and she has even been kind enough to harvest Redwood for me with her brother Roy when I could not travel to gather it myself. I've enjoyed our slow growing friendship these last few years and look forward to many more moments and memories still to come.

Rachel's work really speaks for itself, and I've noticed that she seems to like it that way. However, she is a gifted storyteller and prism-like being, full of paradox and insight, wild wisdom and intensity and beauty.  In the interview which follows, I hope you will enjoy as much as I have, the rare glimpse she offers us into her world.

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