Ocotillo puts us back in touch with our wild instincts. For those who have experienced trauma, sexual or otherwise, and have lost their sense of agency and self ownership, or perhaps never known it to begin with – there is no better remedy. Ocotillo helps you to reclaim your creative power and your right to truly feel. It is a plant which governs the fluids of the body as well as the fluidity with which we move, and move through the world. Ocotillo is the newly installed gatekeeper, minding the dams which have held back your tears for too long and allowing them to flow like rivers full with Salmon once more.

When we feel stuck in life, like we’ve reached some invisible roadblock in the path, it is often due to repressed memories, unprocessed emotion, stagnation of the Spirit. Without careful attention, these things accumulate within our bodies and our hearts, the pressure growing ever greater and as it fills us by turns with a peculiar mixture of grief and anger, anxiety and restlessness. Ocotillo is a plant which goes straight to the root of our discomfort, in order to find resolution once and for all and to leave us feeling spacious and at ease in the world, once more. She is a plant who teaches us to dance gracefully with our shadow; to embrace the darkness of grief and wade through murky waters of long forgotten pain.

She is also indicated for low vitality, lack of appetite, feelings of constant overwhelmed, a tendency toward emotional outbursts, and general sense of stagnation in the womb or pelvis.

Ocotillo stokes the creative fire which lives within the womb, belly, and sexual centers, returning Eros to our world, renewing sexual vitality, and re-awakening the body to the electric sensations present in all of Life.  Her medicine invites you to speak your truth without apology, to stand your ground and stand up for who and what are important to you.  She reminds us how to reclaim our bodies, our time, and our pleasure as belonging solely to us and no one else.  Her medicine aids us in deconstructing the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies, our sexuality, and our respective pasts so that they may soften and take new form as we move toward blossoming.

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