The world we inhabit today would be unrecognizable to our ancestors. While on the surface, it may appear that we have adapted to the modern pace of life, our bodies, brains, and most importantly, our nervous systems have not yet caught upnor should we expect them to.

As a species, we evolved in a landscape rich with the scent of fertile earth, the surround-sound song of birds, and the subtle hum of the wild ever-present. Our bodies are built to be in constant conversation with the living, breathing world around us.

This relationship is essential to the smooth functioning of our nervous systems. It allows us to shift almost immediately into a parasympathetic state of relaxation. However, during this time, most of us spend the bulk of our lives in settings devoid of these soothing sensuous stimuli. We find ourselves immersed instead, in the din of idling engines, the glow of electric lights, and the endless pinging of our many devices.


While on a conscious level

we may have tuned these things out,

for our bodies the contrast is undeniable.


If we do not intentionally seek out restful environments and prioritize a nourishing diet, we will inevitably inch closer and closer toward depletion. When our nervous systems remain undernourished and overstimulated, we will begin to experience lethargy, depression, anxiety, listlessness, and even dampened libido. The most tell-tale sign of this modern-day nervous exhaustion is feeling totally pooped, yet being unable to relax. In other words, its the uniquely contemporary conundrum of being tired but wired.

Oats are an antidote for this modern dilemma and a quintessential herbal ally for our times. They are a supreme remedy for strengthening a weakened nervous system and restoring balance to the body on all levelsphysically, spiritually, and emotionally.

For anyone who struggles to maintain focus, complete simple tasks, or think linearly, simply because they’ve had too much on their plate for too longoat is the answer. It is particularly well suited for perfectionists and habitual over-achievers who’ve hit their limit and need to decompress.

They are one of the best herbal allies for helping the body to cope with stress, on both an on-going basis as well as during times when life ramps up. For anyone who is moving, going through a break-up, starting a new business, caring for young children, or in recoveryit’s oats all the way.

In my own life, I am currently wading through more than a few of the aforementioned sources of increased stress. Right now I am in the process of hiring and training a new apothecary manager for La Abeja Herbs, moving the business to I-do-not-know-where, resurrecting the admittedly dilapidated cabin that I just bought (a tear-down by modern standards), as well as making some pretty major changes in my personal life. The remarkable thing is, that even amidst the most hectic, stressful, and ungrounding period of my life thus farI feel surprisingly chill. And I have oat to thank for that.


Without exaggerating, I can say that

during this time, Oats are my savior.


Hypothetically speaking, if I were being called on stage to receive an award for such valiant resilience as I believe myself to be displaying at this time, I would weep actual tears of joy as I thanked the medicine of oat for making it all possible. They are that good.

In addition to nourishing my over-taxed nervous system, and keeping me feeling fed on all levels, the medicine of oat has helped me to remain true to myself through this period of such stark restructuring of my life. So even though at the moment, there are lots of balls in the air, oat consistently reminds me that if I stay centered within myself, then juggling is something I can do with a smile on my face. And no matter what is going on in your world at the moment, you can too.


Read on to find out how!

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