Mugwort + Marigold Bath

Throughout our lives we make many agreements, both consciously and unconsciously.  And sometimes these agreements weigh heavy on our hearts when they no longer bring to us the liveliness they once did.  It is okay to let go, to get un-stuck.  And while verbally creating boundaries that support you is an important step in the outer world, there can be a residue which remains, clinging to our psychic selves, long after a conflict or a relationship has ended.

This is a bath for untangling yourself, from any agreements, explicit or implicit, that you no longer wish to be bound by.  You can undertake it with a specific purpose in mind, or simply trust in the wisdom of divine will, that all those energies grown stale will be lifted and set free.  As we near the end of the year, this can be a powerful ritual for creating space for new magic to find you.

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