April 2019



Life is a succession of lessons

which must be lived to be understood.


 – Ralph Waldo Emerson –


There is no way to know what the future holds.  We can guess, we can imagine, and we can pray — but the truth is that no one knows with total certainty what is coming next.

As humans, we are often misled by our egos.  What we think we want and what we imagine will make us happy, doesn’t always go as planned.  Conversely, experiences which feel like setbacks may be just the thing we need to guide us right where we’re meant to be.

The punchline in life is that we never really arrive anywhere. To live as though we are merely on our way to some time or place in the future where we are whole, and worthy, and can finally enjoy ourselves is an absolute tragedy. For this moment, right now, is your life. When we can rise each day with a prayer in our hearts, all the while embracing uncertainty, only then can we laugh along to the inside joke of the universe.


This is it.  The moment you’ve been waiting for is now.


So how do we let go of striving and yet continue to walk steadily toward our goals? How do we accept where we are in our process of becoming without inadvertently succumbing to resignation?

For me, it’s about finding satisfaction in the smallest of things; resting in the reality that this time in my life is precious, singular, and will not come again.  I do what I can to suck the marrow from the moment. I remember that even when life is bitter, it is good. I do what pleases me and let go of the rest. I tend to what is essential, knowing that what is not will find resolution on its own.

Wherever you are in your life at the moment, know that it is good, that it is okay, that it is leading you somewhere. Tend to all small things before you with exquisite care. Perform the ordinary tasks of your daily life with as much rapt attention as you can muster.



And, remember that this is the moment you have
been waiting for, and it will not come again.




This Month’s Issue


In this month’s issue of Garden Party, you will find ritual suggestions and simple practices for reveling in the sensuality of the season, a resplendent herbal mask that will leave your skin feeling more radiant than ever before, a printable crossword puzzle to help you brush up on your herbal terms, and of course, a playlist which I hope will keep you company through many merry moments in the weeks to come.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below each post, or feel free send me an email at GardenPartyLove@gmail.com and let me know what is alive in your head and heart at this moment in time. I welcome any and all questions, requests, or feedback you may have. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to share with you each month.


With Love,

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