Just Breathe

Breath is a technology that transcends time. It can be employed as a vehicle for achieving altered states of perception, as a means for physical healing, and as a tool for experiencing a connection to the divine. When we consciously connect with the breath, our physiology shifts, our stress response is mediated, and we arrive more fully in the here and now.

Challenges and discomfort are inevitable. It can be tempting to tell ourselves stories about what is happening and why, rather than simply being present in the moment. When we recenter ourselves using the breath, we begin to see the situation more clearly, let go of stories and projections, and become significantly less reactive.

In this digital age, our nervous systems are flooded with information, news, and all manner of communication. As a result, our ability to remain calm and collected in our personal lives can become highly compromised due to the over-stimulation that has become our new normal.

The ability to respond from a place of inner stillness is perhaps the mospowerful tool for thriving and communicating in an increasingly hectic world. The breath makes it possible.

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