How To Rest

In Winter, our bodies ask for rest—gently at first and then with passionate longing. In the dark half of the year, we naturally crave sleep, warmth, and the regenerative gift of doing nothing. Our bodies are trustworthy guides. They recall the firelight of candles and the flickering of winter constellations overhead, the softness of skin on skin, and the freedom of deep sleep. We know within our bones the irrepressible goodness of all these things.

While midwinter is typically marked by endless holiday gatherings, most folks secretly yearn to turn inward during this time. Permission to rest can be a difficult thing to give ourselves any time of the year—but particularly during the holidays, when there is a cultural expectation that we be social. With friends in town and family obligations to fulfill, it can be a challenge to make time for rest and regeneration—no matter how much we know we need it. But without this essential permission to pause, we not only risk depleting ourselves and falling ill, but we ultimately miss out on enjoying the things we do want to show up for.

If you wake up still tired, find yourself always on the edge of illness or experience panic at the mere thought of attending holiday parties—this is for you. This is your official permission slip to take rest in whatever way you need it most right now. Rest until you are satisfied and then rest some more—with zero guilt attached. When we give ourselves this gift of time, our lives can take root and blossom in ways not possible when we are always on the go. While a week-long staycation may not be in the cards, there are lots of ways to incorporate more rest into your life, right now.


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