How to Make Flower Essences

Flower essences are simple to make and simple to use. They require very little plant material, yet they have the ability to shift our entire reality. They are the most gentle form of herbal medicine, but they are also the most powerful, and it is precisely this paradox that makes them such essential medicines for our times.

Flower essences support us in doing the inner work necessary for outer transformation. While there is an inherent sense of urgency to dismantling outdated and oppressive systems in the external world, we must remain committed to the internal shifts that will allow us to rebuild them with lasting integrity. And until we acknowledge the ways these systems live within us, we cannot help but recreate them.

This is where flower essences come in. They help us to get to the root of things. They help to heal longstanding patterns of emotional and spiritual imbalance that keep us stuck. Working with essences lays the foundation for radical healing and allows us to move through the world with a profound sense of guidance, support, and purpose. Flower essences give us access to the inner resources we need to do our work in the outer world even, and especially, in times of great upheaval.

What is needed is to return to ourselves and to the Earth. What we are living through is genuinely unprecedented. No living human has ever experienced a global pandemic, political uprising, and climate crisis simultaneously. It’s a lot navigate! But the plants, these ancient beings who have shaped our species and heralded us through countless times of challenge before–they are here to show us the way.


Flower essences are medicines for the revolution.


So much of what governs our actions remain subtle, unconscious, and implicit. As we dismantle the systems of oppression that have shaped our world for too long, it is these gentle yet persistent medicines that will help us do the internal work of overcoming prejudice and implicit bias so that we can respond in the way that is true to our hearts.

The changes that flower essences facilitate are subtle at first, but profound over time. A canyon is formed by a single fissure in stone, worn away by wind and water, to reveal a landscape transformed. With the help of the essences, drop by drop, even the most hardened parts of our psyches inevitably begin to yield, soften, flow, and grow wider than we’d ever dreamt possible.

Gentle medicine is powerful.


I would not be who I am today without their support. They have helped experience closeness without codependence. They’ve allowed me to make peace with food and come to genuinely love and accept my body. They’ve given me the confidence as well as the compassion that I’ve needed to overcome obstacle after obstacle, both personally and professionally.

Flower essences have also exponentially increased my sense of intimacy with the Earth. I notice subtleties now in the flowers and the trees that I surely would have missed before. The ground beneath my feet feels holy, like a living being whose language I understand innately. As I walk through the woods, I sense vast mycelial networks beneath the forest floor, whispering prayers that make the world within me come alive.

This connection is something that we all ache for. We may taste it here and there, but the ability to sustain this level of intimacy with Earth is difficult to do in the modern world. That’s where flower essences come in. Working with these subtle energetic remedies re-attunes us on a cellular level to the wisdom of the Earth. As they help us remember how to listen, we begin to heal. And as we heal, so does she.


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After working with and making my own flower essences for over a decade, I've put together an in-depth guide to help you do the same. Whether you've never made an essence in your life, or you're a seasoned practitioner, this guide will help you to deepen your relationship with the plants and invite their gifts more fully into your life. Click below to get the guide and be sure to post any and all questions in the comments below the post!


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