Cameron Krow

I first met Cameron Krow when I arrived in Albuquerque in 2012. I adored him instantly. La Abeja Herbs was in its seed stage, and so was I. I was feeling really lost at the time, and connecting with someone as vibrant and alive as Cameron was a revelation. His presence awakened something ancient and essential within me. I knew we had important work to do together.

A decade later, I feel honored to have forged the friendship we now share. Together we've guided community rituals, collaborated on sculptures, events, and photoshoots, taken a surprising number of road trips, and broken down more times than I care to recall. Heck, this guy has given me multiple tattoos with a sewing needle. Let's just say, he's a real one.

Cameron spends his time hitchhiking and freight hopping across the continent, protesting global neoliberalism, throwing underground variety shows, experimenting with alternative construction methods, making art through writing, photography, illustration, and sculpture; and most importantly, wandering quietly through the woods as often as possible.

Cameron is someone whose art is their activism, and whose activism is their life. There are few people I've met who embody their ideals with such grace and strength. Cameron stands for, and with all that is good and wild in this world. He has devoted his life to being free and to fighting for the liberation of all peoples.

At the time this interview was originally published, in March 2016, he was residing in Barre, Vermont, where he was apprenticing on an organic vegetable farm. At present, he lives in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he continues to make art and mischief in equal measure.

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