A harbinger of beginnings, Calendula tends to flower with the new moon. This marks its importance as an herbal ally capable of ushering us into new eras of life, both collectively and as individuals. Calendula reaches into the depths of us, drawing out darkness long-lodged within. It helps us heal old wounds, both physical and emotional. Its blooms remind us that even in trying times, there are seasons of warmth still ahead.

Calendula is the ultimate herbal ally for Winter.

Its medicine invokes a kind of sun-drunk euphoria even in the depths of darkness. Its flavor is reminiscent of pollen, nectar, milk, and honey. Like its relative, the sunflower, calendula blooms track the motion of the sun across the sky. It unfurls its petals only on bright days and folds back into itself when skies are grey, and helps us trust in the seasons and cycles of our lives.

You know this herb is for you if you often feel chilled and experience a growing sense of heaviness as the days grow short and dark. For anyone who struggles to make it through Winter, working with Calendula will leave you feeling lighter, brighter, and more in touch with your inner resources.

Calendula is renowned for its ability to restore integrity to compromised tissues, both internally and externally. Energetically, it works in a similar way to reconnect us with our inherent worth and innate wholeness. It reminds us that when we stand in our dignity and shine our light upon the world, we invite others to join us and illuminate the world together.

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