Autumn’s Invitation

Autumn is in the air and it is a time of revelations. Things which have felt stagnant for so long, are beginning to soften, to open, to reveal their strange and healing magic to us. Life seems not to unfold itself neatly, or to lay itself out before us like a map to be followed or a story to be read. Life is more like a garden, unpredictable at times but reliably generous when we offer it our care and attention. Sometimes there are volunteers, unexpected but welcome visitors, and other times there are blights, which seem to come from nowhere, and robbing us of our heart-sown plans and the tender sprouts we’d nurtured. Always though, there is a balance being struck, beyond our human knowing. And sometimes, just when you least expect it — there is a second bloom in a single season, a fruit so sweet it lights up your very soul.

Nature offers us seasons and cycles to live by—the day and the night, the waxing and waning of the Moon, the timeless rhythm of the Seasons.  As Summer fades into golden memory, so too do its days of endless activity and wild growth.  Autumn invites you, like the plants to tend to your roots so that you may send up strong + vibrant shoots come Spring, and sweet fruit in late Summer.  It is this time when the ground is most receptive for laying the foundation within yourself for that which you will cultivate in the coming turn of the wheel of the year. When one falls into in cadence with the real time of the Earth, an unparalleled sense of well-being follows effortlessly,

The suggestions below may seem like common sense.  They are.  In a world where many seek outside themselves for comfort—in an herb, a pill, a cleanse—it is ironically and delightfully the basics which are often left unattended and which when treated as foundational bring balance with little external measure.

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