Apple Delight


This daily immune tonic is as delicious as it is effective,

and made with ingredients you likely have on hand! 


The Apple Delight is a remedy I have relied upon for years to support my immune system in times of stress. Made with a generous dose of raw garlic, this sweet, tart, and ultra-enlivening tonic has never failed me. As you probably already know, garlic is a potent antiviral that has stood the test of time. Generations of wise folk around the globe have relied upon this pungent plant for all manner of healing and protection.

The Apple Delight brings together ingredients with the unique ability to potentiate this traditional remedy's already powerful effects. So while it's great to use on its own, garlic's protective qualities are increased exponentially when paired with the simple foods included in this formula. By making the Apple Delight a part of your daily ritual, you'll be fortifying yourself in both body and spirit. So raise your glass and say a prayer of wellness for the world. Make your ancestors proud as you drink to the health of yourself and future generations!

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